/altəˌvoz/ noun

  1. Loudspeaker

  2. A device that is used to make sound (such as music or a person's voice) louder and to send it out so that many people can hear it.


Clinical trials are becoming increasingly more complex as the demand to capture additional data from multiple sources continues to grow.  Like being in a room with 100 people speaking at the same time, it can be difficult to hear the voice that matters most.

Altavoz amplifies the patient's voice by allowing Clinical Outcomes Assessments to be used in more trials.   Whether deploying to smartphones, tablets or the web, our Altavoz Sculptor visual build and deployment tools help automate the eCOA process, giving absolute transparency and greater control to sponsors and CRO’s.  

Platform Features

Visual eCOA Builder

Build and deploy quality eCOA solutions in reduced time at lower cost.

Automated Compliance and Analytics Engine

Confidence is knowing that your trial data is secure and stored in a manner consistent with existing regulations.


Real-time Diary Preview on Device

See the diary and its functionality in real-time as it's being built.