Long Study Cycles - eClinical’s version of Groundhog Day

Its ironic that Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction is usually 6 more weeks of winter.   That’s the same amount of time most eClinical vendors promise as the fastest timeline an eCOA/ePRO diary solution can be ready for deployment.   Readying eClinical technology to capture data in a trial feels like we’re stuck in an eternal winter, repeating the same mistakes caused by antiquated technology and processes.   

Sponsors and CRO’s have become accustomed to long timelines and a lack of transparency.  Phrases like “Agile Development” and “Rapid Prototyping”  are used to entice customers in sales  meetings.    Mobile device screenshots and long specification documents are shown by eClinical vendors during project meetings, and prove to be a poor substitute for understanding how the technology will actually work in the field.  

Clinical research professionals need a way to eliminate delays associated with current eClinical solutions.

They need a company and platform that delivers

  • Real-time prototyping
  • Absolute transparency
  • Increased reliability, repeatability and quality
  • Automated build and deployment tools
  • Deep expertise and regulatory compliance
  • Cost efficiency
  • Modern, scalable technology

Over the next few months, Altavoz will release a series of blog entries that introduce our company and software platform, and highlight the ways CRO’s and sponsors can truly own their eCOA strategy by solving many of the common problems that plague current solutions.

It’s time we stop turning to the Punxsutawney Phil’s of our industry for the status quo and emerge from winter on our own terms.   Spring is finally here, join Altavoz in the sun!

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Shae Wilkins