The Wrong Gift: Lack of Transparency in eClinical

We’ve all had it happen.  You’re eight years old and all you can think about is getting that one gift you’ve dreamt about.  You behaved reasonably well.  You even brought home good grades.  You crafted the perfect letter and list.  The work is done.  Now it's up to someone else to deliver, and the waiting game begins.   Full of anticipation you sprint down the stairs at 5:00 AM only to find a pink bunny suit, when all you wanted a Red Rider BB Gun.

The disappointment of not getting what we specified is typically magnified by the time it takes to get it.  That anxiety of ‘not knowing’ if it will turn out right can drive you nuts.  We’ve tried mitigating strategies to no avail (who hasn’t tried to find hidden presents before the big day?).

Now we’re all grown up (mostly),  yet we still experience this type of disappointment when we work with eClinical projects.

A typical eClinical project involves Contracting-> Requirements-> Specifications -> Build -> UAT -> Deployment->Maintenance.  We’ve written the requirements and then we have to send it off to the eCOA/ePRO vendor to build and hope it comes back on time and looks exactly like we wanted.  

What if you could see your solution being built, in real-time?  What if you could even build it yourself?   The anxiety and mystery of whether you will get the subject diary you envisioned, would disappear.  Status updates between sponsors and CRO's would be instant and potential design and functionality pitfalls could be avoided earlier in the design process.  Documentation and workflow diagrams would be created in real-time, creating an efficient process that is both repeatable and predictable.

Altavoz’s platform allows CRO’s and Sponsors to build their own eCOA/ePRO solutions using a simple and intuitive ‘drag and drop’ interface, in a fraction of the time than it takes traditional eCOA/ePRO vendors.  Our partners can even choose from a library of pre-built diaries to deploy.  With powerful workflow tools and automated documentation, Altavoz gives absolute transparency and accountability to a process that traditionally has lacked both.

We finally know what present we are going to get, instantaneously.  There ARE advantages to growing up!

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Shae Wilkins